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Battery Diaphragm Air Permeability Tester N600E

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The Battery Diaphragm Air Permeability Tester N600E has been designed and developed in accordance with GB/T 36363-2018 and various other standards. Utilising the differential pressure method, this tester is specialised for assessing the air permeability of battery separators, breathable membranes, and relevant polymer materials.

Test Principle In an environment with specified test temperature, humidity, and normal pressure, the instrument applies a pressure of 1.21 kPa, measuring the time it takes for 100 mL of air to pass through the diaphragm with an area of 6.45 cm2.

Standard ISO 5636-5, TAPPI T460, GB/T 36363


  • Test range: 60~12000 s/100mL
  • Resolution: 0.1 s/100mL
  • Pressure range: 0~3 KPa
  • Pressure resolution: 0.001 kPa
  • Test area: 6.45 cm2
  • Sample size: >50 mm×50 mm
  • Instrument Size: 450 mm×400 mm×300 mm
  • Power: 100W
  • Power supply: 110~250 VAC, 50~60 Hz


  • Adjustable pressure difference in the range of 0~3 kPa with an accuracy of 0.001 kPa to meet varied test pressure difference requirements.
  • Supports multi-unit display in s/100mL and um/(Pa.s).
  • Customisable test range according to different sample requirements.
  • Well-sealed instrument with air leakage not exceeding 1.0 mL/h.
  • Arbitrary pressure adjustment, fully automatic operation, and automatic measurement and calculation of results.
  • Equipped with a color touch screen for real-time observation of sample air permeability.
  • Built-in micro-printer for real-time printing of test reports.
  • Upper computer software designed in compliance with the new version of GMP appendix "Computerised System," offering hierarchical authority management, audit trail, electronic signature, and other optional functions.


  • Lithium-ion Battery: Polyolefin separator for lithium-ion battery, coated polyolefin separator for lithium-ion battery, or separators for lithium-ion batteries using other materials.