Thermal Shrinkage Tester C631H

Thermal Shrinkage Tester C631H

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Thermal Shrinkage Tester C631H

Hylec Control's Thermal Shrinkage Tester is designed and developed in accordance with ISO 14616 and GB/T 34848, for determination of shrinking force, contracting force and shrinkage ratio of heatshrinkable films. Shrinking force greater than 0.01N can be detected.

Product Features

Innovative Laser Measurement Technology providing Higher Precision and Efficiency

  • Advanced laser measurement technology, measures thermal shrinkage ratio of film precisely
  • High precision load cell supplied by global renowned manufacturer, provides testing accuracy higher than 0.5%FS and better repeatability of test results
  • Multiple test ranges can be selected to meet various testing requirements
  • Global renowned brand operating control system guarantees the accuracy of displacement and speed
  • Three speeds (up to 2 seconds) for loading specimen can be selected
  • Shrinking force, contracting force and shrinkage ratio are displayed in real time

Embedded, Secured and Easy-to-use Computer Controlled System

  • Integrated design of instrument and software requires no external computer
  • Standard monitor, mouse, keyboard and Window operating interface for simplified operation and data display
  • Historical data can be reviewed and printed
  • USB ports and net ports for external connection and data transmission
  • Intelligent reminder for sensor calibration provides safe data processing environment
  • Labthink’s unique data security design isolates the test data from computer and prevents data loss caused by computer virus
  • Labthink’s unique DataShiledTM System for data management and connecting with information system (optional)

Test Principle

The specimen is placed in the test area for displacement and force measurement, it is then heat to the specified temperature for shrinkage test and cooled down. The system automatically records the shrinking force, temperature and shrinkage ratio in real time and provides analytical results.

Test Standard

GB∕T34848, ISO-14616-1997, DIN 53369-1976.