Tensor 900™ High Frequency 6-Dof Vibration Test System - Hylec Controls

Tensor 900™ High Frequency 6-Dof Vibration Test System

Team Corp
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Tensor 900™ is a fully contained multi-axis vibration test system capable of precise control of all six degrees of freedom through a 5 kHz bandwidth. The system can reproduce real world vibration environments by simultaneously exciting all three linear translations, as well as all three rotations, to a frequency level never before achieved.

This unprecedented performance has been made possible through the use of Team Corporation’s expertise in hydrostatic bearing design and multi-axis system engineering. Team Corporation’s addition to the TENSOR™ Family of Multi-Axis Test Systems provides unmatched performance in high-frequency, simultaneous excitation.


  • Simultaneous or sequential excitation of X, Y, and/or Z axes
  • Sine Force Rating of 200 lb-f (900 N) Random Force Rating 135 lb-f (600N)
  • Complete control of rotations around all axes
  • Bandwidth from 10 Hz through 5 kHz
  • 15 Grms (22g Sine Bare Table) acceleration on nominal payload
  • Fully contained system (electrical power only requirement)


    • PCB Testing, tin whisker research
    • Accurate replication of true vibration environments in all 6 DoF
    • Accelerated durability life cycle and fatigue testing
    • Product development Testing
    • Rapid screening of electrical components and modules
    • Addresses new multi-axis protocol in MIL STD 810 (G)