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Tensor 18kN™ High Frequency 6-Dof Vibration Test System

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The Tensor 18kN™ 6 DoF vibration test system expands on the design of the smaller and more compact Tensor 900. The system is designed to be over-determined – utilizing proprietary oil-cooled ED shakers for excitation out to 2,000 Hz.

However, the larger design incorporates twelve individual 900 lbf RMS shakers to drive a 30-inch square table. With four shakers in each axis, this system produces 3,600 lbf RMS per axis, and has a bare table moving mass of nominally 430 lbm.

The Tensor 18kN™ represents cutting edge technology in multi-axis testing and incorporates an integrated, air-isolated and highly damped reaction mass capable of 12g peak sine (bare table) and 9g RMS (bare table) random acceleration.


  • 5-2000Hz frequency Band
  • 4800 lb-f (21.4kN Sine) All Axis
  • Oil Cooled Custom ED Shakers
  • Hydrostatic Bearings Throughout
  • 30 inch (750mm) Mounting Table
  • Power Amplifier Set (120 kVA total)
  • Highly Damped Reaction Mass
  • Hydraulic Power Supply


    • Sensitive Electronics Testing
    • Avionics Validation
    • Communication Equipment Testing
    • PCB Testing