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PIT-D Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

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The PIT-D pendulum impact testing machine is used for measuring the Charpy impact resistance of metal and other materials.


  1. One-body cast frame design of seat and column provide high stability and rigidity
  2. Front and rear columns are symmetrical. Pendulum arm is designed with cantilever beam support
  3. High precision bearings with minimal friction. Energy absorption without loading is less than 0.3%
  4. Double reduction gear system replaces old style drive system with high efficiency and avoids transmission failure
  5. Round pendulum head design reduces winding losses
  6. Highly rigid pendulum arm prevents axial and transverse vibrations
  7. Exchangeable pendulum is simple to change to satisfy impact energy of 300J, 450J, 600J, 750J
  8. Electromagnetic release of pendulum hammer