Lasting Adhesive Tester CZY-8SA

Lasting Adhesive Tester CZY-8SA

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Lasting Adhesive Tester CZY-8SA

Hylec Control's Lasting Adhesive Tester can be used to test the holding power of pressure-sensitive tapes, pressure-sensitive labels and protective films, etc.

Product Features

Multiple Test Mode & Customization for Controlled Temperature Test

  • Time method and displacement method
  • Standard test plates and weights ensure the accuracy of test data
  • Automatic timing, inductance type large area sensor and fast locking functions guarantee the accuracy of test data
  • Automatic statistics of maximum value, minimum value, average value and logarithmic reduction value
  • Testing environment temperature and humidity curves are displayed and recorded automatically in real time for data comparison under the same conditions
  • Unit conversions between °C and °F
  • Customisation is available for precise temperature controlled function for monitoring of test temperature and humidity
  • The unique automatic cooling technique can help minimise the environmental impact on the test temperature so that the standard test temperature, 23℃ and 38℃ can be controlled precisely

New Patented Intelligent Touch Operating System

  • Industrial grade touch screen, one-button operation, user-friendly interface, remote upgrade and maintenance
  • Chinese and English languages can be selected
  • Automatic data storage and power failure memory functions to prevent data loss
  • Storage up to 1200 test records
  • Multi-level user privilege management, log in with password
  • Micro-printer and USB data ports for data exporting and data transfer (optional)
  • The instrument conforms to the requirements of GMP (optional)

Test Principle

The test plate with adhesive specimen is vertically hanged on the stand and its bottom is attached with a standard weight. The lasting adhesive property can be obtained by measuring the displacement of specimen on vertical test plate or the time to failure at such load.

Test Standard

GB/T 4851-2014, ASTM D3654, JIS Z0237.