Flex Durability Tester C681M

Flex Durability Tester C681M

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Flex Durability Tester C681M

Hylec Control's Flex Durability Tester is professionally applicable to the determination of flex durability of flexible films, composite films and coating films. The instrument can simulate the kneading and creasing behaviors of films happened during production, processing and transportation. The flex durability can be obtained by measuring the changes in number of pinholes or barrier properties after test, which can provide quantitative basis for package design and practical usage.

Product Features

Multiple Test Modes & High Testing Efficiency

  • Five standard test modes including condition A, B, C, D, E and one customized mode F, in which the user can set test cycles freely
  • Four stations improve the testing efficiency
  • Fast switch between long and short stroke
  • Testing environment temperature and humidity are displayed in real time and automatically recorded for data comparison

Renowned Brand Servo Control System with Ultra-long Service Life and Ultra-low Failure Rate

  • The instrument is controlled by servo motor, which provides more accurate displacement
  • Dual protection for hardware and software as well as auto reset provides a safe operating environment for customers

New Patented Intelligent Touch Operating System

  • Industrial grade touch screen, one-button operation, user-friendly interface, remote upgrade and maintenance
  • Chinese and English languages can be selected
  • Automatic data storage and power failure memory functions
  • Historical data can be reviewed and printed easily
  • Storage up to 1200 test records
  • Multi-level user privilege management, log in with password
  • Micro-printer for data exporting and data transfer (optional)

Test Standard

ASTM F392.