C680M Tearing Tester

C680M Tearing Tester

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C680M Tearing Tester

Hylec Control's Tearing Tester is suitable for testing tear resistance of film, sheet, soft PVC, PVDC,water-proof roll, woven material, polyolefin, polyester, paper, paperboard,textile and non-woven fabric, etc.

Product Features

  • Computer control, automatic electronic measurement, easy to operate.
  • Pneumatic sample clamping and automatic pendulum release can effectively avoid the systematic error caused by human factors.
  • Computer assisted adjustment system can ensure the instrument is always in the best test state.
  • It can be equipped with multiple groups of pendulum capacity to meet different test requirements.
  • Professional software supports the data output of various test units.
  • Standard RS232 interface is convenient for external access and data transmission of the system.

Test Principle

Lift the pendulum to a certain height to make it have a certain potential energy; when the pendulum swings freely, it uses its own stored energy to tear the sample; the computer control system calculates the energy consumed in tearing the sample, so as to obtain the force required for tearing the sample.

Reference Standard

ISO 6383-1-1983, ISO 6383-2-1983, ISO 1974, GB/T 16578.2-2009, GB/T 455, ASTM D1922, ASTM D1424, ASTM D689, TAPPI T414.