C612M Digital Torque Tester

C612M Digital Torque Tester

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C612M Digital Torque Tester

The application torque and removal torque of caps or closures of bottles, spout bags and flexible tube packages are important online and offline production parameters for the manufacturers, they may influence the transportation and consumption of the products. C612M Digital Torque Tester is the first generation of automatic torque tester with manipulator, which is one professional testing instrument that can be used to measure the application torque and removal torque of the caps of bottles, spout bags and flexible tube packages. C612M, featuring great stability and high precision, is an indispensable testing instrument in manufacturing process.

Product FeaturesNote1

Dual Test Modes & Automatic Test with Manipulator

  • Dual test modes including application torque test and removal torque test
  • Innovative patented manipulator technique supports automatic gripping, opening and fastening, which minimizes the error caused by manual operations and improves the testing accuracy and repeatability
  • Gripping force, fastening force and turning speed of the cap can be adjusted freely
  • Automatic gripping manipulator with deviation less than 0.01Nm, much better than manual fastening
  • Intelligent designs of overload protection, automatic zeroing and error alert for safe test operation
  • Manual test or automatic test can be selected

High Testing Accuracy & Low Testing Lower Limit

  • Specimens with torque value lower than 0.005Nm is testable. The testing resolution is as high as 0.0001Nm, providing high accuracy and good repeatability.
  • The peak value can be maintained automatically, which ensures the recording of the accurate test results
  • Automatic judgement of peak value meets the testing requirements for various specimens
  • Components and parts are supplied by world well-known manufacturers, which guarantee the stable performance
  • Imported pneumatic control system with ultra-long service life and ultra-low failure rate ensures the testing accuracy

New Patented Intelligent Touch Operating System

  • Industrial grade touch screen, one-button operation, user-friendly interface, remote upgrade and maintenance
  • Chinese and English languages can be selected
  • Test curves are displayed in real time. Intelligent data statistics supports quick review of test results.
  • Automatic data storage and power failure memory functions
  • Historical data can be reviewed and printed easily
  • Storage up to 1200 test records
  • Test data is expressed in eight international units for reference and comparison
  • Multi-level user privilege management, log in with password
  • Micro-printer and USB data ports for data exporting and data transfer (optional)
  • The instrument conforms to the requirements of GMP (optional)
  • Labthink’s unique DataShiledTM System for data management and connecting with information system (optional)

Test Standard

ASTM D2063, ASTM D3198, ASTM D3474, BB/T 0025, BB/T 0034, GB/T 17876.